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Podcast: October 8, 2012

The medtech industry, long overshadowed through the pharmaceutical industry, is anticipated to develop in a considerably faster rate than pharma, according to a different report from EvaluatePharma. EvaluateMedTech World Preview 2018 forecasts development of 4.4 % annually to $440 billion by 2018. We spoke to Anthony Raeside, head of research for EvaluatePharma, about the brand new report, what?s driving growth for that medtech industry, and why Big Pharma can become a large acquirers of a few of these companies.
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Ron DePinho, president of MD Anderson, discusses theinstitute's ambitious $3 billion Moon Shots program to combat cancer and why he thinks we might attend a distinctive reason for a brief history of fighting against cancer to radically alter our relationship towards the disease within the next several years.

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